10 songs that encourage peaceful attitudes

Image 10 songs that encourage peaceful attitudes

To boost mind tranquility, it is essential that we listen to peaceful songs. The truth is, songs act as messengers to our lives. Researchers often say that hard rock and heavy metal songs often lead to depression and suicide. In contrast, inspiring songs help develop peaceful attitude and nonviolence.

Here are 10 songs that boots mind tranquility and joy

1. Stephen Wandu, “Peace Agreement”

In 2018,the song features “I CAN” Children from South Sudan and children in Bidibidi Refugee camp in Uganda. The song is designed to those who have undergone the atrocities of warriors during the South Sudan war. The song starts with a call for the attention of the South Sudanese leaders to respect the peace agreement.

Due to the war, they were pushed out of their homeland. Thus, the song is also an expression of the will to return to their home village and be at peace. Peace in their homeland is referred to abundant milk and honey.

2. Timmy Abell and Steven Heller, “One World Family”

The song sends out a message concerning the importance of mutual help, sharing, and love. It starts with a description of the living conditions of a large family, living at peace together. This is known as the One World Family, living together despite their differences. Exactly, such a kind of family is only possible when peace has inner tranquility, as Prem Rawat says in his teachings about peace education.

3. John Lennon, “Imagine”

John Lennon envisions peace in a world full of conflicts and violence. He is putting his imagination into words, which depicts a peaceful world, in which people love and help one another. The song lyrics inspire people to long for long-lasting peace and to love one another. In other words, the idea of peace is a utopia for the singer.

4. Cheryl Melody, “One Planet”

The song is a call for love among us. Nowadays, the biggest danger in the society is stress. Due to stress, people have lost their patience and become rude or unkind to one another. The message is not just for people in the same community; instead, it also targets people from different backgrounds and origins.

Thus, the song uses greetings in different languages to attract their attention to be kind to each other, like brothers and sisters.

5. Bob Dylan, “Blowing in the wind”

The singer starts by asking a set of questions to the audience concerning how much patience is needed before people stop hating each other and end conflicts. He repeats the questions many times, which means he is looking for answers to those questions.

And yet, there seems to be no answers at all. That is why he keeps reiterating that the answer is blowing in the wind. Thus, it implies there is little hope for peace, according to the singer.

6. Bob Marley and the Wailers, “Fussing and fighting”

Bob Marley's song describes the community as full of fussing and fighting. The song is to inspire people to love each other and find peace. The song depicts ways to put an end to all kinds of unconstructive feelings in order to live harmoniously and end conflicts.

7. 311, “Tranquility”

The message in the song is similar to the message within Prem Rawat's peace education. In fact, the ambassador of peace states that unless we discover peace within, they can't be at peace with the others. Mind tranquility is essential in order to live peacefully with our surroundings.

Additionally, the song passes on the message about the necessity to learn from mistakes. Unless an individual has inner tranquility, they won't be able to admit their weaknesses and grow personally, emotionally and spiritually.

8. Eric Clapton, “Let it grow”

This song is another call for love and hope. He clearly mentioned that only love can remain unchangeable, whether under the good or bad weather conditions. In time of despair, if you feel lost and hopeless, love will always make you rise and finish your struggles till the end.

9. Jekalyn Carr, “You Will Win”

The song is an inspiring song to keep a peaceful attitude despite the violent storms of life. In fact, the enemy may seek any possible way to destroy us and our family. However, there is hope that we will win; thus, it is essential to keep calm and hope for peace to happen.

10. Gaither Vocal Band, “Hymn of Praise”

Through its peaceful melody, the song induces mind tranquility and peace of the heart. The best solution to problems, according to the singer, is to remain calm and thankful for the sufferings we may have.

In short, on no account can mentally disturbing songs bring peace and happiness in life. Therefore, it is crucial that the songs we listen, or the songs taught to children and youths encourage good mood and peaceful attitude. Only happy individuals can fully contribute to the good development of the society and the nation.