10 songs about peace

Image 10 songs about peace

This passage "Imagine all the people living life in peace" has been said by the Beatles. Other artists have written and still write about peace. The question is why? The reason is that we have discovered that peace is not only useful but also really important.

There are many ways to find peace and one of them is through music. Actually, there is no better way to pass messages than by using songs. It speaks to the mind, the body and mostly the soul. This article will relate 10 songs which have been crossing the whole world for years to convey this message of peace.

Here are 10 songs about peace

1. Imagine by The Beatles

It's definitely the unavoidable one when it's about peace. This song written in 1971 made a remarkable echo, one of their most hopeful titles. They made this song and meant it to be a message of peace.

2. Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon

He said it is not a new message. Give Peace a Chance is part of the peace movement led by John Lennon and his partner Yoko Ono. In this song, Lennon simply invites us to give peace a chance, to let it be, first in the context of, the Vietnam War.

3. One Love by Bob Marley

It's not the same but it's similar with The Beatles' and John Lennon's songs. Actually, “One Love” isn't directly about peace but rather about unity: by heart and by love. What is more peaceful than being in a place where love dwells and all people come together?

4. Heal the World by Michael Jackson

Who doesn't know Michael Jackson and this famous song? It calls for a better place for everyone no matter his origin. It's an optimistic song about making peace and spreading it everywhere. The clip showed hunger and poverty and the song encourages donations; not only material things but also psychological and emotional support.

5. Love Wins by Carrie

Underwood This song is about inspiring people to understand and open their hearts. Love brings peace and that's why this song has been written. As Prem Rawat, the messenger of peace said, loving oneself leads to loving others and spreading peace.

6. One Sweet World by Dave Matthews Band

It talks about liberty and a world with peace, where it is possible to sleep outside or stay out late at night. It relates the form of peace when you do not have to worry about war nor robbers.

7. Peace Shells by Megadeth

“Can you put a price in peace”, as they said. It talks about how valuable peace is: it is priceless and everyone deserves it. As Prem Rawat said: “It is not the world that needs peace, it is people. When people in the world are at peace within themselves, the world will be at peace”.

Then, all people deserve to have peace and live in better conditions.

8. Dreamer by Ozzy Osbourne

“I'm just a dreamer, who dreams of better days” he said. He considers the world lacks of tolerance but full of hatred and betrayal. Peace is the best solution to realize dreams.

9. Planting Seed of Peace

The song talks about spreading peace little by little or by planting seeds of peace around the world. It is really important to get peace trees, a metaphoric way to say that peace is useful in the long term.

10. What Does Peace Mean? By Paulette Meie

An unavoidable song about peace. A song written in 2001. And the answer is Peace means caring for anything and anyone. Song is the best tool of peace that the world has discovered for a long time. Since then, it is definitely the softest and easiest way to convey peace. Those songs say how important peace is, not only for one person but also for everyone around the world.